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Hanwell High School

Take a stroll through Hanwell and make your way to Hanwell High School. Discover the unspeakable secrets of Hanwell's elite in the school, face fierce Anomalies that roam the streets and experience true Horror.

Open World Horror

Welcome to Hanwell, once a safe haven from the horrors of the world, now a cesspit of anomalous scum. Explore a dense open world of terror, every building a unique location  with it's own story to tell. Strung together by the remnants of Hanwell.


There is something deeply unsettling about Hanwell. Unexplained noises, something in the corner of your eye or laying just beyond the shadows create an atmosphere that will keep you constantly on edge.

Monsters, known in the game as Anomalies, roam the streets. They occasionally get into the once protected buildings. What you do with them is up to you, be resourceful and pick up whatever you can find in order to fight them, if you think you can handle it. Or run. And don't look back.

There is an entire city to explore, featuring different environments each more distinct than the last. From residential homes, old English pubs, parks, stores, supermarkets and government buildings, all the way to the infamous HCPP research center. Each location holds its own backstory, leading to your arrival. Upon which there will always be something happening.


The downloads are external, if you are having trouble downloading, try downloading via a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox and not the Itch.io windows app.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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TagsAtmospheric, Horror, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, suspense, tense


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Sadly the finished project was not good, it had a creepy atmosphere but that's it

Hi Nathan, What is the best way to reach you regarding Press for this title? My email is JasonNally@NalyoGaming.com and I would love to speak with you, thanks and have a great day.

Gave it a try, and I might just buy buy the game to give it a full playthrough.

Well gave it a try at least.

This is PART 2 of this amazing game! And for everyone that cant download this game, try STEAM . It workt for me😉

Still an amazing game, this vid is in the school where the demo is based. Enjoy :D

сделал свой обзор игры, Игра достойна внимания! ))

It wont download for me :/

What a amazing and suprisingly long demo. I LOVE it!😁👌🏻 

I'll upload two vids to this page, the video in my let's play and the high school vid. This is a great game, a bit of a rocky start but once you get into it it's so much fun.

I enjoyed this alot but, so many questions swirled in my mind as, I have played Escape from Hanwell Prison/Jail almost 10 months ago. How does this all tie in? Did the whole prison idea get redacted? Are they seperate stories in the same timeline? I'm so confused! Also confused as why that game can no longer be found! But on to this game! Just as great and, possibly even more it keeps you in suspense the whole time with on edge sounds all the way through.  Going temporary blind because of the darkness is quite the added touch!

YOU HAVE GOT SOME STUFF GOING ON! I really like the idea of an open world horror game, but I'm not sure how or if it's supposed to all connect in the full game, I LOVE the dark and twisted topics, and I think you did it just right, not too much, but just enough, we have to put the pieces together and leaving just enough to the imagination makes everyone's experience more personalized to them. Your atmosphere is so good, there's times where you think you're safe, BUT GUESS WHAT, YOU'RE NOT, and that will get me better than any jump scare, and it definitely did. I'm so glad you didn't just throw a ton of "zombies" at us to kill and use that as the scares it shows that you care more about the game than the scare. I think your game looks beautiful and I think it was very well done, I plan on seeing what else the town of Hanwell has in store, but I think you have a really solid demo and I hope there is more of the story of this school in the full game!

Gave it a go...

Wow, what a game! You guys did such a good job on this one! The atmosphere was on point and I had an absolute blast playing this game on my channel!  

Hey I just played this game and uploaded part one on my youtube channel and i gotta say that I love this game!!!! I fully support it! Fantastic job

That was a trip! I kinda regret that I didn't fight the fire creature outside the school, but man the scares in this game were on point. And the whole thing with the basement and what was really happening in the school, that may have been even worse than the jumpscares.

More importantly, I didn't realize the full game had come out in October! Will be purchasing that up really soon :) Thanks for the great demo!

I really appreciate that you've put out a demo for this! I like the idea of a truly open world experience for a horror game but I'll admit I lost interest in the demo pretty quickly. Understanding that the player character may be a stand in for the player as opposed to a separate entity themselves, I found it hard to get into the mind of the character and because of this the scares carried no weight. It's a damn good looking game, the visuals, effects and animations all look really nice and the sound design and music compliment it all really well. But throwing the player into a world with no context, explanation or direction makes for a bit of a shallow experience. Truthfully I may have not spent enough time in it to see if there was any significance to what I was doing or who I was but walking around picking up orbs and little glowing biohazards with little to no context or direction beside the on screen prompt do go do something was not my cup of tea. It's still awesome you put out a demo though!


Hi, thanks for trying out the game and also taking the time to give us some constructive feedback. You missed a few logs and all of the content from the basement. Which is where the truly disturbing (not necessarily jumpy, but definitely disturbing) horror is found. If you find the time I'd recommend whizzing through demo to get to the basement. I'll admit I didn't consider the lack of context, the school is found later in the game and without playing the intro you won't get any sort of connection to the player character. I'll add a quick "gripper" intro if I can find the time. I should add too, every door can be opened, but not all doors need a key.

Thanks again for the helpful feedback!


I can't download :(

I haven't tried yet but check top right of the browser, you might have to manually open a pop-up